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Risk and Insurance Management

Risk occurs across the spectrum of government and business operations and within every various system, operation or enterprise.  Risk exists with the hiring, employing and termination of employees.  Risk exists in every aspect of operation from manufacturing, to inventory management, to distribution.  Risk today includes the health care benefits, workers compensation, short and long term disability and its impact on staffing, performance and operational continuity.  Risk exists with every service, task or product you produce or deliver to another.

Risk of Loss and Damage as a result of an event is a reality for anyone engaged in business.  It's not a question about if an event will occur, but rather a clear understanding that an event will take place.  Risk and Insurance Management assumes the "If" and focuses in on reducing the frequency and severity so as to minimize the catastrophic and contain everything else within certain predictable models.   Risk Management is a management process used to identify and avoid the potential cost to a variety of resources that can take place.  One catastrophic event, one motor vehicle accident, one out of control former employee with a vendetta, one sexual harassment allegation can consume countless resources.   

AmeriTask  brings a plethora of professional skills, experiences and services to the table to assist with the development, structuring and implementation of simple to complex Risk Management Plans to include fully insured to self insured or a blending of options and capabilities based upon a clients needs.   Our services focus in on:

Risk Management to include assessment, analysis, planning,                          implementation and on going evaluation

Insurance Purchasing - We help to find the best insurance products for the best price pursuant to the defined Risk Management Plan.

Claims Administration - We help to establish the standards and                    operational procedures for a quality and professional Claims                           Management program designed to process, analyze and mitigate when            events happen as well as aggressively defend against false claims or              exaggerated claims.

Litigation Management - inevitably, some claims will result in                     litigation and when that happens legal fees can become exorbitant.  We          focus on containing and controlling litigation cost through proven                    management processes.



        Commercial Auto / Fleet

        Workers Compensation

        Employee Benefits

        Cargo / Intermodel

        Fraud / SIU

        Recovery & Subrogation

        Salvage Disposition

        Safety / Loss Prevention

        Disaster Response / Preparedness