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AmeriTask Services

AmeriTask is a Professional Service Company with extensive experience and a vast array of capabilities.  Our approach to performing services requires us to be both flexible and focused.  We act with a sense of urgency as perceive every assignment to be of importance to our client.  Our services are performed with efficiency, consistency and accountability. We encourage stewardship of company and client assets and we make our clients objectives our highest priority. We reward our team members who achieve the best possible results for our client.

Risk Management / Claims Management / Safety

AmeriTask offers the following professional services for (a) Property coverage (structure, contents/inventory, vehicle  (b) Liability/Casualty (auto, premises, professional, operations, construction, officers & directors, sexual harassment, employee misconduct   (c) Workers Compensation (d) National Flood Insurance


Medical and Health Care Services

AmeriTask offers the following professional services in support of Health Care         Professionals.


      Patient Care, Support & advocacy

      Home Care

      Insurance/Administrative Benefits

      Medical case management

      Medical Risk Management/ Medical Malpractice


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Quality Control Services

AmeriTask offers services specifically designed to improve performance and           quality.  We think that without periodic review, reinspection's and constructive           analysis, that both quality and performance will decline.  When individuals and           teams are held accountable for their work product, their efficiencies, their                  stewardship of company resources & assets and the consistency of their work;            they will typically rise to a higher level of performance.  Our role is to help our           clients achieve higher quality and better performance through training, analysis,         auditing and reinspection's.

Legal Support Services:

AmeriTask offers the following professional services designed specifically to          support the legal systems and its processes.  

Operational  / Office Administration & Support Services:

AmeriTask offers services that can enable clients to expand their operations          or oversee existing business ventures and programs to include Temporary                  Staffing to Full Office Oversight.  Subject to Client needs in a given situation,            our services include the development of applicable (1) Professional Goals and             Best Practices, (2) Standard Operating Procedures, (3) Implement QC/QA                   procedures (4) Identification of key performance measuring points and                       implement a performance measuring matrix, (5) Financial Oversight to include            Invoicing & Collections


Training & Education

AmeriTask offers customized training opportunities services on a national             scale to include catastrophic or emergency response training.  

Property Management & Construction Services

AmeriTask offers a variety of property management and construction related          services to include daily maintenance, renovation, damage restoration,                      preparation for conveyance and more. Our services include development and               management of contractor panels.


Administration of Human Resource Programs

AmeriTask offers services that support programs for Education, Public Health         and Veteran’s Affairs, to include the following in addition to our Medical & Health         Care Services as applicable.  Our services include planning, administration &              coordination of programs and related services.

Services for Elderly or Persons with Disability

AmeriTask offers services that are both medical and non medical, designed           specifically to improve the quality of life for the Elderly and persons with                   Disability that includes personal dignity and compassion.  We bring a spirit of            entrepreneurial ism, leadership, and optimism.  We are able to form as well as           work with existing public & private coalitions that recognize that society shares          in the responsibility for the care of our elderly and disabled rather than viewing          it as social burden.